Recruiting for new players


Hello all. We are a mostly f2p faction that just moved to Miller. We are looking for 15 or so players to join us to build together and have fun. All we ask is you’re active for faction events and for war, but we are a real life faction. We won’t pressure you to commit all your time to the game. Looking to make new friends and have fun while kicking some butt.
Faction: Malicious Militia
Region: Miller

If interested you can also pm me for my line id.


Damn it, wish I would of knew this before moving one of my accounts to Dade a few days ago lol


It’s ok. Thanks though. If you know anyone who is looking for a faction, can you send them our way?




Is this region active? We are thinking about leaving troup but nothing has been decided yet. Which regions did you leave?


Yeah Miller is pretty active. We left Elbert, it was a closed off region.