Recruiting for ENDGAME & Pandas

Recruitment is always something that comes up after big championship type matches happen.

ENDGAME the winning faction of ToC in Lee will be transferring whenever they reopen transfers to an unknown region at this time and will be looking for top notch players who are wanting to join a faction that is deep with many different players who play at a high level. This isn’t for everyone and Endgame understands that.

Pandas is a more laid back faction but still wants to compete in their own right will be looking for x amount of players just unsure of exact number at the moment won’t be anything like Endgame level of game play but a fun competitive faction with @Mollycash as lead and has players the likes of @Bane Slime @Khaleesi1 etc etc etc.
Normally finishes within top 5…but has been vs heavy competition lately (ToC top factions) Need active players. More active better score higher placement probably a top 20 faction on the game.

Contact me on here or in a pm or line at: gov5050


Congrats on the win. Glad to see there’s no retirement speeches coming from you guys!


Great faction

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There are people leaving because the direction of the game and other reasons we all respect it. Hard to play at this level for as long as some have played at it. & simply nothing else to prove some people hung around because WoC left a bad taste in their mouth but they stuck it out and avenged that loss with no losses before or after to anyone since WoC.

Proud of those guys and those people their hard work and effort even tho money obviously helps, they can go out on top like they deserve. We all waste/wasted money at least theirs comes with a little tiny bit of satisfaction.

Ultimately in the end just happy for them as a whole.
I know I have a very straight forward brutally honesty attitude but I love these people from here to those back in Notorious to those in my faction before transfers.

I have a motto I use for everything in life from work to coaching football to playing this game.

  1. Finish what you start.
  2. Care for others.
  3. Leave it better then you found it.

They did all 3 and I couldn’t be happier for them and they can honestly leave happy.


Which khalessi there’s approximately like four?

The good one


Oy. @Scopely plz adopt these mottos

(Also congrats Endgame! :confetti_ball: )

i work with scopely motto

  1. Dont tell anyone what you do
  2. Can we get money from it? then it is a go
  3. Complaints is someone others problem

You don’t have anything laid back, non competing for lazy ladies with a passion for shoes?

If not then I think I will pass :wink::smile:

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We have a shoe parade every Tuesday.


Good luck, guys! The player pool seems to be shrinking by the day.


Dont forget about the sock parade!

Stopping by just to so Thanks for it all @Gov and everyone else!

From Notorious through Endgame, it was an amazing experience. The accomplishments didnt come without effort. Serious effort I was happy to give because of amazing team mates working as hard or harder than I was.

Note - I did not participate in ToC finals, I said my peace a few weeks back


I’m not crying…


Great people played with them a long time best factions with best leadership Mofos is 2nd

Do I have to use my visa card to be worthy of this faction?

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Nice to see you Jack.

Someone asked me earlier how many time AP beat Endgame we played 4-5 times now… I think since I play Marvel quite a bit now this GIF is appreciate and appropriate.



I think this thread is about to go plaid.

We beat y’all right before WoC, were you guys not endgame then? I don’t remember and haven’t been paying much attention to what’s been happening since I quit playing, so no clue what the record is now. If you’re gonna post a gif, you gotta post a funny one man