Recruiting for a top faction

A top faction is looking for recruits
We win every region event and play as a team
Crw is highly dependent on region matching but do well last war we had 156 wars in and placed 5th against mostly de and ru regions the previous crw was 2nd
The ability to hit the majority of teams and desire to reach/exceed top milestones in events
If interested pm me your line id
Thank you for your interest/trolling :wink:

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What region are you from? May be interested

It’s a very active region about 30 had 20+ wars in

my line is dmbear can give more details there

Save us alot of time and your if you provide more detail


Can someone please line ckbear and report back your findings? thank you

His profile says wheeler

I dont think hes in wheeler anymore

Jeff Davis currently in diamond 4 league but honestly if your that lazy to not message me on line it’s prob not the faction for you as we work hard

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The attitude if your looking for a new home but to lazy to message is a real issue it’s not for everyone

Not trying to be a ahole about it btw

Op is a salty, :cupcake:.

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Why dont people prove there region, faction name, etc? :joy: but gl on recruiting​:raised_hands:

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Talking in private is not a big deal imo

Lol it’s not all about the fun

Most of the info people r curious about was in the original post other than the name

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