Recruiting F2P players for a F2P faction in dead region.(USA time zone)


We are a f2p faction in a dead region.
All the whales are gone and it’s dead now, we are working to make our region great again.
There are many f2p players who don’t want to be in a very active regions full of whales we have a perfect home for you,easy top100 in solo and healthy competition.
USA time zone players preferred for my faction recruitment and other f2p factions and players are also welcome. Won’t tell our region name here in forums.

contact me line- witcher4
discord- geraltwitcher4#1550



What are the wait times when queued for war?


I’ll answer that, free


average wait time is very high it’s dead.
me and other players are working together and recruiting only f2p to make it active again.


Bump bump bump


bump :slightly_smiling_face:


What region is this?


why do you want to know? i know you , you are not going anywhere. :joy:


True just curious sounds like my old region


not dallas.


Damn u really do know me lol


sure he does :wink:


@Kodak_black he know all


Watch out announcing your in dead region you may end up with faction you won’t want there that will win everything


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can you see my region name anywhere???


The thing is even if some1 privately message you to join you don’t know there prestige


Enjoy your easy prizes for now once you get bored of that just transfer out of there


i visit their region and verify them first.


Like region I’m in not top active but pretty active I scored 1.1 mill and barely made top 200 in level