Recruiting at Zero Fox Given


After this war we are removing a few people due to not hitting mins etc.

We are looking for between 8-10 players who are active and want to kick ass having fun! We are currently in henry it’s a very equal region! We have great members but the night shift is our issue as the lack of Asia/American/ Aussie time zone.

If you are interested let me know and we can sort something out!! Line I’d bobbyypark




You should consider letting me in. I’m quite skilled.


:joy: :joy: I’m easy deano if you wanna come over we can get you in :slight_smile:


Is that the real zero fu ** given?


It is indeed,


Damm if your name was Star Fox id be keen but Zero Fox, idk just doesnt seem as cool :frowning:


Haha! Man it’s as cool as it gets we got an awesome name!!


Will second @Khaleesi1, you could do alot worse.

Im on the road to retirement now otherwise id seriously consider it for my lazy self.


@BeepBeep you’d love it here Ngl it would make you unretire :wink:


@Khaleesi1 got any ideas of people that would wanna join?


Beep come with me be like the old days :joy: