Recruiting a hammer

Hey yall RESURRECTION in Elmore is looking to add one hammer. Euro and asain time zones are a plus. We are a diamond 4 faction and currently in the top 10 in leagues for season 2. We like to kick tail and have fun.

Glad to see we are still loved… and to be fair the top two teams were super merges both being in bronze in leagues. Please know your facts before you speak. We respect our region that is why we try to bring ppl in from other regions. Have a great day :slight_smile:

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You placed 4th So was the top 3 supers ? You said top 2 :joy: . I’m glad you got humbled finally after you destroyed Elmore and NOE . I’m sure glad I transferred out when I did . Trust me I’ve heard all about how you respect people . You guys seem to go through more players then any faction in the game

Nope the other team was alexandria… they are a strong faction and been around… I am not sure where you get your info but Elmore does not have a problem with us. I’m just glad you felt it necessary to reply to a message that had nothing to do with you. Now have a good day :slight_smile:

I’m guessing from your unprovoked dramatics over a recruitment post completely unrelated to you, that Elmore is glad you transferred out when you did too. :thinking::wink:


If everyone in Elmore likes you so much why are you having a hard timing filling your spot

All the best with recruiting. It seems that each time a faction posts a recruiting thread there is someone disgruntled with them who just has to chip in.


Seems like you need to move on. And to be fair I never claimed to be a top faction. In my original post all I said was we are in top 10 of leagues for season 2 which is facts :slight_smile:

Well hopefully nobody falls for your trap if they do it’s their own fault at this point

Do I even know you?

You single handedly destroyed my faction do you need to know me

I have no clue who you are or what your talking about tbh.

I was a co founder of N.O.E factions like yours are a cancer to the game going through regions destroying factions that have played together for ages and the best part about it is besides the small group that you came with you guys have no loyalty to anyone hence why you go through members so fast and a good portion of players have quit since you joined Elmore . You recruit them keep them a couple weeks and if they aren’t doing exactly what you want you kick them generally with no other place to go and then they quit .

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Again you dont know what your talking about. A player from your old faction reached out for spots with us… we have only moved 1 time and we like where we are at. I’m sorry you feel this way but maybe you should talk with the ppl who came here and see thier thoughts. And several that make the trip to Elmore have left the game for personal reasons. So if your done slandering me and my faction i would appreciate it if you take care of you and move on buddy… best of luck in the future.

I’d like to see notorious transfer to Elmore and put you in your place perminitly

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I would like to see ppl move on… I have no control over ppl wanting to be active and they wanting more.:slight_smile:

Good luck on your recruiting. The other dude clearly has a personal issue with you so I would ignore him. Placing 4th in CRW is very respectable and would easily place you as a top faction in your region, not sure why it would be used as an insult :stuck_out_tongue:




Yeah they are top on Elmore but that’s not saying much they killed all the other top factions there when they merged the current top faction

4 or 5 ppl asking for a new home is not a merge :slight_smile: