Recovery of account messed up


@JB.Scopely please help … I followed directions on contacting support to recover my account and the web support recovered the account … I purchased several items in game and did a couple of events and account was doing fine … I woke up Sunday morning to my account being back to the level one account it was before the recovery along with a message from in game support that they had recovered my account … so they must have changed it back after web support fixed the issue … I need my level 125 account back asap … I only need 130 candles to hit 8k milestone and the event ends in a few days … I sent the web support a reply on the thread we we’re using during the recovery but haven’t heard anything from them so don’t know if they have gotten it or not …any help would be great … I’m stranded here at home from being hit by hurricane Florence and would like to be playing the game


@JB.Scopely please at least reapond


Did you bring this to their attention so they can look into it again?

Did you initiate a new transfer after recovering your account the first time around?

We see some of those errors occurring when players override an existing progression in a region where they try to move an other account to, provoking a conflict and the account being ‘locked out’ as a result.

We are manually assisting players caught up by rolling back their progression prior to the region transfer, and giving additional warning.
We’re also looking at reinforcing our disclaimers in the game to provide related information when players are about to transfer.

As a reminder, Region Transfer doesn’t equal to merging accounts, and you should ideally check before moving to a given region that no existing progression is stored on your targeted region you want to transfer to.


I sent in game a message the first time … after 6 days of not hearing anything I sent web support a message . They responded after 4 days and did recovery … within 24 hours in game converted it back to the lvl one … my main account as never even been in any other region at anytime except the original region I started in … I have been a 30 day member since day one … I spend well over $20k a year on this game … do every event … every roapmap … every event … I pull for every prestige toon with at least one most of the time 2 or 3 big pulls . I follow the rules and keep my tongue on most of the werid and unfair ways scopley does things and just play the game … before my account was lost during a phone reset( I did not change devices) I needed about 1000 candles to hit the 8k milestone . I bout the $74 offer to get 900 candles the day I got my account back … spent money to win the solo level up … the next morning in game support had reverted the account … that was Sunday … now it’s Wednesday and less than a day to get the 130 candles I need … I am level 125 prestige 13 and only benefit from the coins the 30 day member … since my prestige level is maxed … but I continue to purschases the 30 day membership regardless … will I get those daily tokens for the day’s I don’t have my account? Who knows … I have worked hard to be were I am and spent a lot of money … I have over 60 T4 maxed 6* and another 80 or so 6* toons that aren’t maxed . I really think with all that in mind … scopley could at least send me a message and say … yes we got your emails and we are looking into it … no response for days is frustrating to say the least,… wouldn’t it be to you @JB.Scopely?


With how much you put into the game $$$ wise you should own a part of Scopely.


Okay now I’m frustrated!!! I’ve contacted support in game, via the web site sent multiple messages to Andrea dash and Kali and was told restoring to a date in the past was against policy and not possible


You spent over 60k on this game? You sir deserve a medal lol


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