Recovering my account

Hello, I changed device and lost my save( I didin’t use the facebook thingy) I messaged the support but still nothing, I provided proof purchase too.

i had the same issue and Scopely android support are not answering anything. however, I contacted them through website and apple where they answered in the same day

If ever you do need to switch devices, we can process a manual account migration for you to retrieve your progress. We do need to have these information to verify your account for security purposes:

  • Account Name and Account code: (Your main account)

  • Account code of new game progress (the one on the device you are planning to use)

  • Main/Active Region

  • Date last played

  • Date of account creation

  • Your account’s level

  • A screenshot of a purchase receipt with all the details (For proper account validation)

  • Name of faction

hope it will help u

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Thank you, I sent from the website insteadof android