Recovering my account to new phone

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Sorry dude/dudet I transferred to another iPad, gave them a screenshot of a receipt and ID code and give em a lot of credit they didn’t it very quickly


How are so many ppl easily losing their accounts and scopely does nothing to make the process more simple. Implement a username and password system or some shit scopely. Do something

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Yep I got a new tablet and needed them to move it from my phone to it and thy had no problem because both devices where in the same location

Don’t always believe what people post sometimes it’s them and not Scopely. Did you notice that Lady Geek new exactly why before OP said what Scopelys response was.

Doesn’t matter. The account recovery process is seriously flawed. I’m speaking from personal experiences

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Both of my devices where in the same location also i got a new phone cuz my other brok

Duffy its me killer z from cerberus

And that different ip thing is crap because I’m sure there’s ppl out there that login into faction mates accounts and buys stuff or helps out with team building etc

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The funny thing is no one uses my account I live in one place haven’t moved anywhere and they trying to pull that on me

Most games have a email and password, Scopely should do this too many lost accounts. Tried the Facebook trick when it happened to me didn’t work. support was so useless kept repeating is there anything I can help you with that I gave up. @GR.Scopely

its because it happens a lot where people are trying to recover their account and they are say USA/Uk based, but the account is currently showing that it was logged in in russia.

Make of that what you will

But how would it say russia if you stay only in the usa and always play the right way with everything

i think that is the response they give when they suspect you have been giving your acc to the russions to buy character or coins

Shiet the ones that do it are going and the ones who play hard to earn their teams get screwed

I told them I forgot my Facebook account and they me move to my new phone

Finaly got it back after days of tryingp

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