Recovering my account to new phone

I got a new phone and you guys telling me i cant recover my old account whats up with that

add facebook to old account
play the boring tutorial on new phone
option to connect to facebook appear choose that
yaaaay you can play again

They said to give them all my info and a copy of a recipe from in fame purchase and i did and then gave me bs that they cant help now

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They need to check that it is really you on the other side.
I think that is fair

I did give them all the info and its realy me but they say they cant help its bs scopely where you at i spent alot of money in the game and they playing thei games ive had a few new phones and always get my account back

Sounds strange.
They should be able to move your old account to this account

Sounds like you got support who is having a bad day, abusing power, trolling, etc. Ive had support take care of things in a few minutes to hours and ive had support give me the run around for days, it all depends if you get a good human being whos a decent person or you get a :clown_face: for support.

If you have it linked to facebook you can do it that way and avoid support all together.

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Let me guess, support says something about an issue with location? Got a pic of their response?


Yes thats what they said

I dnt got facebook

I had a 765 login streak plz someone help me i want to recover it

What does the not in the same location mean? @LadyGeek @GR.Scopely also can someone help out a fellow RTS player?

Tbh this is the one thing that angers me most, players losing accounts.


Yes plz help ive been playing for years had a few new phones and always get my account back

This message mean that they suspession cheating
Becouse of mixed ip adresses/geolocation in same timeperiods.

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Oh that coin loading thing? :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Logging in from US first and then 10minute laterlogin from russia and then back again is mixed geolocation.


I dnt login from nowhere but my phone i didnt even know of that

I dnt cheat at all ive been real player for years and dnt like whale factions because i work hard for my teams

I never did that my phone broke and had to fet a mew one thats it idk why they saying that how do i fix that issue