Recovering an account?


I decided to link my account to my facebook yesterday, only to have the game load an account from years ago. I’ve messaged the in game support and sent an email to the support. I provided my account code and receipts, along with other information. Does anyone know how long it typically takes them help recover an account? I would hate to miss out on the login rewards and the events. It’s been a full day now and I have not heard anything about this. Thanks in advance

@JB.Scopely any help?


if you have purchase receipt ,support tram will recover your account wihin 24 hour. no receipt means no account. best of luckc.


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Install the game on a new device and link the same Facebook account to that game account. It will unlink from the old device and you will have your game back.


I will try that when I get a chance, thank you!


If it unlinks from the old device it will still have the game from the linked facebook when he gets on his old device again


It will say the account is linked to a different device and he can chose to continue without linking it back to facebook thus bringing back the original account.


when I did it it said this account is linked to a facebook account and automatically linked back


Hmm well it will be worth a shot. Been over 24 hours and I haven’t gotten any sort of response from support.


Support sucks on responces. I sent JB a message 4 days ago and havent got a reply yet.


I must have sent about 5 emails to the support emails and 3 messages on the in game support. Messaging him and the others will be my next step. Missing out on good rewards and free tokens :confused:


You don’t have to link it back. You can back out of that screen and play the unlinked account.


That worked. Thanks so much!