Recover button in sr?


As seen in the picture below you can see the recover button is now on the bottom next to edit team and, auto fill.
Has this always been the ccase. I’m pretty sure this is a new ui improvement,and it’s annoying and I can only see the point of it for people accidentally clicking recover and wasting items or coins, this should only be present when toons are dead not continuously, as I keep clicking it when trying to rush early stages and it’s annoying. Please revert it back to it’s old layout


they changed it, and but that button where you used to click edit team… so gets many accidents… but hey more money for $copely


that recover botton should be in some other side, no next to edit team…
I accidentally made a mistake 2 month ago playing dialy SR and it cost me 3k coins … being "30 day pass player ", was very piss off and obviously scopely took the money happily …


Yup exactly why they did it… There was no need to change the order. The company is such a *****


I hope they will remove it… Doing sr is annoying enough without always pressing the wrong button… I was pretty much satisfied how it was before.


thanks this is exactly how it should be not the new format, the autofill button is not needed, and why did they swap recover and edit around?


This change has been annoying me nonstop. It’s always getting in the way.


Yeah found this super annoying. Just click on a too to edit team. Not sure why these buttons are so small… Maybe my phone got bigger and the buttons are the same size they were before…