Recover Active Skills - Broken and/or Useless


So, let’s talk active skills which recover. Examples include Mirabelle (recover stun), Shane (recover confuse) and Zeke (recover impair).

Firstly it is frustrating as hell not having a way to select which character recovers. If you’re running, say Tripp and he and two others are stunned, you have a 1 in 3 chance he’ll get recovered and (assuming his AR is ready) be able to recover the other two. That kind of randomness can directly impact the outcome of a battle. It would be nice to have the option to select one of our own team mates and then apply it.

However, there is a second issue. It’s just broken. I just used recover stun when two characters (Abe and SR Zeke in the Screenshot) were stunned and the little whirly animation applied to another character (Fast Zeke) who wasn’t stunned. It turns a mechanic that is subject to randomness into something which is just useless. Please fix (and think about adding “own team targeting” as above)

Do you use your active skill

Agree with all of this. Currently the only reliable active skills are the offensive ones because we can target the other team members. Acrive, stun, confuse, impair, etc…work great.

Active recover srun, recover impair, focus don’t work well at all because we can’t decide who we want focused or recovered.

Either make it so those active skills recover or focus all so no targetting is needed or allow us to target our team to ensure one of the toons we want to get the benefit of the active skill, gets it.


I love it when I Neutalize a 6star zeke, and he wastes his turn “recovering impair” for himself, when the impair would’ve went away naturally. And then I can just Neutralize him again.


Ok, that is interesting, I hadn’t spotted that before. It is useful to know, but doesn’t quite change the point that it would be better if the choice could be made as to who recovers