Recompense of war

I didn’t had my recompense from the last war!!! Im the only one?

Nah Pal - I got everything that I was owed, did you hit claim all in your inbox? You may have claimed them without realizing - it happens, check your inventory for the S Class choice boxes, if there is nothing there you may have to message Support.

I did claim it in my inbox.but not found in my inventory??? It’s the first time happened to me.i sent a msg to assistant scopley but no response till now.

That’s because the compensation was so small :joy:

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The rewards this war were like getting a birthday card from your grandmother. when you were 5 and 20$ was a big deal you looked forward to it, now that youre 30, you open that card with the 20$ in it and think “well, at least she remembered my birthday”


If you don’t participate in the war do you get your recompense!!! Or you have to participate at least one time in that damn war to have the recompense???

I think 1000 (could be higher) points is the minimum to receive war rewards.

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If you don’t score any points at all you do not get the rewards. I think there is a minimum score you have to hit to get rewards


Anyone confirm that please.

You have to participate in war as any factoon events to receive the rewards. This doesn’t include eide mission like gor onslaught. If you score no points you get no rewards

sorry for the misspellings lol

You have to participate in any faction event to get the rewards.

Pretty sure 100 points will do it.

Any points i think. You just have to score…and so you should lol


100 is the minimum amount of points you can score in war, so it’s the minimum to get rewards.


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