Recent War Bug and RoadMap War Road map potential bug

During the war (EDITED - added one screen shot, i have more but am new to the forum so will add the most obvious one


Our faction score was showing less than the total of the individual scores, our factions score was showing 14,200 but i had 14,800 and the next person had 8,000 and 4,000 etc

One of the battles, we were winning 19,000 to 11,000 and had destroyed all of their camps apart from 1, then when it finished 60 seconds later, they had beat us 38,000 to 19,000, how?

I wanted to capture the watch tower in one of the wars, and started my attack, before the first round of attacks i got a message, ‘timer ran out’ and was kicked out.

Finally, the current Roadmap - War Road.

I am on stage 5 and it is asking for S1 minimum, i am S2+ and also take one of my faction characters, i dont even manage to kill 2 of the first characters i face in the first 1 of 5 rounds, how is this?!

This roadmap’s completion difficulty leads us to the questioning: Why in the world doesn’t it give useful, important items instead of a mere war can and weapon parts we can easily get through disassembly.

And no, the Epic Tokens at the end don’t count. The amount is too small to even matter compared to the challenge it is to beat everyone.

Even with the x3 speed, it took a long time to take them down, and I even needed the help of Defense Debuffing items, a Smelling Salt and two grenades to complete it.

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The points you each have is your own points, there are individual points and faction points, not a bug.

I auto’ed all the roadmaps… didn’t 3* all of em tho… :stuck_out_tongue: theres no can farming possible so i don’t care about the *s

Individual score (yellowish orange) is separate from faction score (light green). This was done to prevent snipers stealing cans at the end of war from legit MVP’s.

Thanks for all the replies, I wasn’t aware the scores were separate.