Recent tower changes



Scopely, if you’re wondering about the recent war tower changes with 100% or 80% attack that cost 2 energy to take back… they suck. Please stop this experiment and get back to useful but not overpowering towers like 40% attack for a trait. The older towers give underdogs a very good chance to win in fights against higher ranked teams but do not control the outcome of pretty much every battle the way the 80%/100% towers do. Increasing the energy cost to 2 per attack just means almost nobody tries to take them back.


Actually, from what I saw in the recent CRW is that towers have virtually no impact on the wars outcome.

We finished 9th in the first part & 8th in part two.

The whole leader board was almost a mirror image for both.

Whether it be 100% att or 10% att, top faction is gonna win & bottom faction is gonna lose, towers just make it faster.


It’s comically easy for top factions to roll over any defense with those towers. I never once changed my attack team for the first CRW. I used the same team every fight and finished with 5 alive in 45 seconds or so almost every time. The other team was dead in less than 5 minutes every fight except a few. The second CRW, it was actually a challenge to beat some defenses. I’m not advocating for no towers, just reasonable towers.


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