Recent pull results

I’ve been playing right from the beginning and like most people I have not been very lucky with Premium pulls. In fact since the beginning my only 5* was Kenny right at the beginning of the Telltale event. However I have pulled 5* toons twice in the last two days from single pulls - Red Shane and Sawyer. Has anyone else seen an increase in 5* toons recently or is it just me?

Did 3 single pulls last night for Morgan. Got red 5* Bruce. Maybe just luck?
Oh and we’re both out of it for a while now :joy:

Полагаю что это связано с появлением новых персонажей, т.е. больше персонажей больше шансов на везение!) Брал пак 10 с повышенным шансом на возвышаемого персонажа,не повезло в общем!))