Recent 40 pulls

Wondering what recent 40 pulls you did and the 5* (or 6*) you got from it?

I’ve been in a spending mood.
Went for Yvette x2 and Garrett x2…all 5* dupes from 5* Wheel.
Michonne shield, Maggie Shotgun, Carl and ??? Can’t remember was turd though.

Been very stupid and bad…I’m cutting myself off for a good while.
Need to save money anyway.
Just hoping to hear from others failures to make myself feel better lol

And I know I’ve been daft. Don’t need the reminder.


same try for Garret and feel regret about pulling him after I’ve got Darlene(dupe) :disappointed_relieved: the bad thing is your team still the same and lack of variety… when u spend u should have what u want. i’ve just want to improve my team a bit and really sick of tyrese,ezk,shiva…ect… so boring

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It wasn’t a 40 pull, but last 10 pull I did I get Erika.

A few months back I tried for Erika got 1 5* Dwight-limited (take your pick) dupe the rest was 3-4* random junk (40 pull)

I snagged the Morgan 5* from a ten pull. Got the coins from a tapjoy offer, so I was happy. Need all the ascendables I can get.


Seems pointless when resources to ascend them are so scarce right now. I pull hoping not to get the 5 star version because it turns into a level fest for weeks before you Can even use the character.

Not true, I pulled Erika on a Sunday or Monday last week, and that was the 5* version, had her tier 2 6* by the 2nd day of crw and on my main.

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I was able to full max 5* Vincent in about a day and a half. I need more 5* before I can ascend him though.

Lmao, that was my issue too, needed the Benny from 50k war points :smile:

There was no point anyway as I can’t use 5-6 of my current 6*s due to low AR…

But wanted a yellow healer and a range killer lead.

Now I fell like shit and will be saving for a good while.
Atleast till my current 6*s are useable.

Last time I found success was when I got Hershel off a10 pull I did.
I would really love to pull for Madison and wanted Garret earlier, but since I don’t have any more trainers, no point in doing that any more:(

I consider getting the 5* version a win.

Did a 10 pull the other day, got Garrett 5*, rest was rubbish

Only one or two 40 pulls a month and your “mostly free 2 play” no sir you are a big spender! Lol


I dont do big pulls. 10s or singles only. I got garrett on a 10 pull. Winter shiva, maggie, and jessie off singles in the last 3 months


Life isn’t fair…
Your all talking like “got Garrett from 10 pull rest was rubbish’
I did 160 and got 4 5* that are what I’ve already had numerous times with 5* tokens.

I’m even doing bad with them…dupes everytime.

The prestige…haven’t got a 5* from 8 pulls.

Maybe it’s because I dig in to Dcopley if I think there doing wrong…or more likely I’m going through a unlucky period.

I’m going to sleep till it’s over and save till it’s over. :cold_sweat:

Edit: I’d stick to stash’s but they have gone down the toilet now too.
They were barley worth it before but now 90 pulls and a load of food bags…ugh

Sorry just had to moan

stop spending lol.

I hate gambling with Money.


That is what I normally get. But I did get Garrett, only took two big pulls.


And to my suprise, I also got two more 5 stars… green drop Morgan and red dual pistol Sandy from the same big pull.

I’ve stopped doing 40 pulls, got wise to it.
I did pull ascendable Gov last week on a single pull, was buzzing.
I only do a single pull for each new premier recruit now.

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That was never the case, usually prices are even 10-20%+ higher. Some of us can spend on it but it is unacceptable in ratio spend/merchandise, not even close to “best value” or whatever. When I see 90% drop in prices I will consider, so never.

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