Receiving coins in other regions

Screenshot_20181227-141522 Screenshot_20181227-141519
Here’s the issue that I don’t understand. How come it’s giving me this option and when I go to my highest league region it doesn’t show up in my inbox at all is this bug or something?

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Had the same happen to me. Just claim them in your other region as the coins will get added to your current ammount.

It won’t let me, it either gives the option to move the coins to the other region or delete the coins all together

Keeps people from getting multiple sets of coins.

Ohhh okay well, might fix the options I guess beacue that’s silly to let players think they can get what they earned.

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All look at this

How is this against guidelines?

You used some word that they don’t allow.

Go to Dade and claim the coins there.

Odd. I don’t remember swear words or anything offensive for the matter… weird…

Can’t. it wont let me

You can use swear words, just not words like ban-ned (without the -)

Guess that doesn’t even work

Dang, that sucks. Contact support and repeat 20 times that you can’t claim the coins cuz I guarantee you’ll get useless responses otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still don’t get why I would give me the option

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Good idea do you happen to have contact info I can use to get in touch with support? or you can try using the ingame option but it doesn’t always work for everyone.

Its because you already claimed them. As you can clearly see it says it’s been 24 days and 10 days ago. If you’re playing in your main region and collected coins then you won’t get them. Those will show up regardless.

Oooohhh… makes sense but still a dumb way to handle that

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Gives a sense of false hope.

That makes sense