Received bandages and Lucille's 4 MINS AGO?

Why have I just received these in my inbox? Roadmaps and mission is now finished?? They are useless???


Just ignore it, what’s the point of whatever point you are trying to make?

The point is they are now useless, so why give them to us?

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In before post is merged with 90 others just like it lol

I think we deserve compensation for the inconvenience of having to click a button to claim useless items.


And compensation for the compensation being late lol

Yes! Double the compensation! Love it. 10,000 coins please.

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If it was double, wouldn’t it then be 2 smelling salts?

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Look like faction mission prizes you never bothered to claim.

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I definitely claimed all the rewards available. Also surely so many people can’t have all missed claiming the exact same rewards?

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Where is that claim all button for rewards?!?

I do believe They somehow managed to send the milestone rewards people wasnt able to finiah. (Territories and war milestones mainly) that could explain why many people are getting the same stuff.

I got 5 straight after the event finished Lmao Scopes

Faction missions were weird, though, you could go in and look at the missions and it seemed like you didn’t have any to collect, but if you tapped on ‘contributions’ it would then update the actual amount and you’d be able to collect. So, I’m guessing you had missions available to collect, which were then delivered to your inbox as the mission expired.

This is definitely not a good player experience, though. Let’s hope there’s not a cut-and-paste event already in the pipeline that will do the same thing.

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I collected all my missions milestones before event ended, only faction milestone that wasn’t completed was 16,000 territory atk one but I still recieved a bunch of lucilles, masks and bandages. Doesn’t really matter cause it’s probably a glitch but strange to get the items none the less😂

I collected all of mine as well. The only ones my faction didnt complete were the 30k war attacks and the last two territory missions, but I received 6-7 different inbox messages. I also made sure to use whatever collectibles I had left on the first few stages of the roadmaps today.

Wait and see how many people that will make posts if they hit these events rewards. You’d think it would have ended when the main event did.

That’s $1000 dollars for stuff that never be usable.

yeah I think my fac did 10k terroties battles last night and 15k war battles

damn my fac rock
too bad they did it just before it finish

Nope I was aware of the issue with faction contributions, I checked them regularly and claimed all we completed so must be some sort of glitch.