Reccomended grade for maps


It seems that the more content comes out the harder the battles get but one thing does not seem to change. The reccomended grade on the battles does not at all reflect what your facing.

An assault map with a grade of A++ has enemies with 2000 attack and defense and 1500 HP.
An regular road map grade A++ has enemies with 500 attack and 300 def nice and 400 HP.

The team grades should either be revised to actually reflect what you are facing or just removed. I am unsure what the procedure is for selecting a grade but it seems to very wildly from event to event and stages.


Sorry to be this guy… * you’re facing. * A regular. * Vary wildly


Is because in Assault map, it is supposed to take a long time and take multiple hits from all of your faction mates.

If they had the same stats as other A++ then you could probably just Solo the whole thing.

It’s means that a Faction full of A++ can beat it, not just one A++ player.


This grading system extends beyond this though. Some maps have a grade but they do not at all match the difficulty.

It’s a suggestion to look at revamping how things are labeled. Not that scopee ever actually fixes anything.

I have requested numberious times to fix the UI issues with items being blocked by others on screen. General lack of design. For example when the map zooms in on a zombie stage when they are close often can not see the zombies or can be difficult to see health bar.