Rebuild permissions


We sometimes get new members rebuilding camps during war and causing losses. This is leading too immense frustration by the faction and then a lack of interest and participation. I currently have no way of stopping this and if the offending player refuses to comply with our faction rules or ignores all communication we all have to wait the event out till we can boot them.

Proposed solution: newcomer rank can not rebuild / generals can toggle rebuilds on or off.


If you have warned someone then give them a final warning and if they still refuse to comply then give them the boot. I never could understand why people play multi player games but then don’t engage the rest of the team and ignore the factions rules.

However I do like your idea and I would also like to add that we can see who started the search. This would make life much easier for me because as we all know the person with the false start will never admit to doing it.


Kick them from the faction? Appreciate it doesn’t solve the issues in the actual event, but if he isn’t complying, he doesn’t sound like someone you want in your faction


Yeah we are powerless during the event to stop it which is the most frustrating thing.


Someone who continues to repeat an action even after being told why it’s not helping out the faction proves one thing. They are not a team player and are only out for themselves. So you have two options after the event. Continue to put up with them or let them go. I would never tolerate the former and highly recommend the latter. There are plenty of other people out there and even if it takes a while it’s better for the team chemistry when everyone follows the rules and works together.


Yeah, this could go in “faction activity” the same way it lists who declared war


I think they think it’s funny now to send little spies into camps before events to do the weirdest things against them


We have the same problem with noobs lol. And yeah, it would be nice if permission to rebuild had to go through a general, or at least required an OK from whoever had their camp destroyed.


You lose because the enemy now has more camps to kill?


I’ve seen several rogue rebuilders running wild in the past several hours lol


Doesn’t appear to make sense, does it?


Widens the point gap particularly if that person is afk. Then the remaining players have to make up the difference. @CombatMan


@Paves if your in a top faction that has fast queues and refills to burn then this probably dosen’t. Why would we want too rebuild a camp of someone who is making zero points.


Nope, I still don’t understand the principle at work here. If you would win without them rebuilding why would rebuilding cause you to lose? During the course of their rebuild they aren’t in the game anyway, same as if they didn’t rebuild. So there’s a ten or twenty minute window for the rest of you to clinch this win that you had in the bag. No?


It won’t cause you to lose by domination, but it will slow down the match and give your opponent more points.
I understand the frustration, don’t think it’s worth a coding change - this is just one thing you need to manage as a faction.