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Hi everyone,

Currently running faction assault with my faction and like other parts of the game I think (along with others I’ve spoke to in my region) it needs a change in the reward system, so sent this message to scopely yesterday:


I’d like to say one thing about faction assault which I think is completely backwards, you put all the effort into collecting tickets (personally ranked #6 in my faction for what I’ve collected), but then when it comes to doing T5 you get shafted for assault tokens if you don’t deal as much damage as someone else for example this time I’m ranked #22 so getting poor rewards when someone who doesn’t contribute as much in tickets in opening up the boss gets higher rewards but we have to budget attacks so everyone gets a hit so everyone gets a reward which is also WRONG since I could easily be selfish and jump up the leaderboard but I won’t deprive one of my TEAMMATES a reward because of this. IT IS A FACTION EFFORT THROUGHOUT SO EVERYONE SHOULD GET THE SAME REWARDS NO MATTER IF THEY HIT DURING THE BOSS OR NOT!


If you want to give a rank based reward for finishing the boss make the slider be on how fast the boss is defeated instead of based on personal damage so the whole faction get the same prize since it’s a joint effort to do faction assault! Simple example for final rewards:

Top prize: bag + 5k assault tokens (complete boss in under 12 hours)
2nd prize: bag + 4K assault tokens (complete boss in under 24 hours)
3rd prize: bag + 3k assault tokens (complete boss in under 48 hours)
4th prize: bag + 2k assault tokens (complete boss)
5th prize: 1k assault tokens (not completing the boss)


The only thing people should miss out on is the crates between stages if they aren’t active for the boss fights to collect them.

Please give me more than some generic response or I’ll post this message elsewhere for more to see on social media till it catches on. In other words why it is acceptable the way it is right now?

Best Regards."

This was the generic response as expected by support which doesn’t deal with what I’m talking about in my message above or answer the question posed in any detail:

So to finalise this post, have a read and let me know what you think of the idea I’ve posed to scopely and any questions based on the reward structure I’ve outlined give me a shout (I’ll try to answer asap).

All the best and happy zombie hunting everyone!

Extra addition: added a quick poll to this initial post based on the main rewards outlined above and the solo rewards outlined in my second post below.

  • Current Reward system
  • New Reward system outlined above/below in my two posts

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Do you remember when

You express my thoughts on the Faction Assault rewards exactly. Once the rewards came in for the very first one my faction did it was clear that the system was flawed. If you got in early you could amass a pretty high score that those who came later couldn’t hope to match. Then this score was converted into a rank for the valuable assault markers. But why? If you put in your daily allowance of 6 attacks why should you get a lesser reward that someone that had done no more than you.

This wouldn’t be so important were it not for the fact that assault markers look like being just about the only way that those who cannot reach the 2 million point milestones can get their hands on the T4 6* gear. I can’t get anywhere near 2m points, and the Christmas RNG fairy made sure that I only got one useful item from all my Xmas event pulls. So getting an equal reward from Faction Assault is an essential change that Scopely needs to make IMHO!


Thanks for he comment Paves.

Just to explore things further spoken to a few people in my own region now and had similar responses for example in one faction the top ticket earner had to work late and ended up missing most of the assault but they waited for them to attack which is only fair for that person to get some rewards and not miss out completely.

To go further with rewards after talking to others, there’s been suggestions it could be enhanced further to reward individual effort like in wars with bits of gear/cans/etc…for example:

  • deal so much damage to hit individual milestone rewards during assault
  • get rewards for where you rank during ticket collection when the boss is opened based on what you contribute between the boss runs

The biggest thing is it’s “faction” assault not “solo” assault, every other faction based event gets the faction as a whole the same rewards for competing since you’re in it together to achieve a main goal even if it’s not 1st place in the likes of wars.

As a side note we didn’t realise but there’s a bug in game for assault so two of our members totally missed out on rewards this time and scopely haven’t given any indication on how long till they fix the issue so we won’t be doing assault again till that’s sorted…easy fix everyone gets the rewards even if they don’t compete based on the main rewards system I outlined in my initial message to them then all they’d miss out on is the milestones for damage and crates between bosses which wouldn’t be as bad.


I would like to see a bonus for finishing it with say 30 hits only? Less than 60 hits? Having a faction work together and kill with so little hits is a great show of teamwork and sacrifice for those players contributing less so the boss can be killed most efficiently.


Thanks @Sleepless

That’s the right kind of idea too I like it, faction assault should be the joint effort of the entire faction to do well and grow as one, but the way rewards are structured right now it is more likely to drive factions apart since first into a boss/stage will get a bigger reward like @Paves mentioned earlier (naturally want to see each other hit them bosses for high numbers but it should be for a common reward with small rewards for personal effort since the top person will always change depending on who’s first in to hit).