Reasons not to rush to level 150


Ok. When the first change came to even out levels 30-100 I wanted to get there so bad. And then I had to wait, fortunately it around a few months. Then came level 125, and my main account I hauled butt to 125. Within 6 months I made it(I think, it was late winter). Now with another level cap increase after 14 months I’m taking my time so when I hit it, if there is another increase, it won’t be as long of a wait. Which Suked BTW. I’m gonna level, but enjoy it this time. It may be quick or slow, but it’s not the pell mell pace of last time.


I’m not even level 125 yet so I gotta hurry to that lol


Same 114 currently no rush here


It sucks that we get zero credit towards the new lvls because I’d be close to being maxed lvl again if we did


Currently level 124 20% to 125 took a year and a half since I started playing but I guess I made it


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