Reasonable Prices on 5 Star Revivable Trait Characters

You guys gotta be kidding on the fact that everyone I bump into has 5 characters that revive each other. But you guys should make these characters easier to get. Not expensive and since we are spending coins for this game we should at least be able to pick who we want instead of it being randomly chosen for me. Or at least have them at 5 Star characters with reasonable obtainable prices. It makes no since how this is set up Unless I gotta be a paying ( with real money) to acquire them. If that’s what it is then let me know even though that’s not fair if that’s what’s going on. I hope you guys respond back think about it change some stuff up cut the prices on getting these characters that revive each other upon death so everyone can have them not just select people.

Revives, shields, guardians were always rare and hard to get. Its either grinding and praying to RNG gods or spending cash.

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I shouldn’t have to spend real money that takes the fun away from the game, if that’s the case and I gotta spend money then I should be able to have a pick on what characters I want, dont just give me anything. Especially if I’m spending the game coins on it too and they aren’t easy to get its ridiculous PLEASE RESPOND STAFF!!:triumph::triumph::triumph:

What revive characters are you struggling with?

That’s the point they aren’t available to just get they are randomly given to you when you go to rewards and recruits. Then if you go to supply depot and see one it’ll be anywhere between 55,000 to 250,000 that’s crazy.

You can grind and keep pulling from the wheels. At some point you’ll get a revive. That’s completely free.

PS. This game is RNG based. Even with real money you just get more tries to pull. And that’s it.
Lets say the gold you had accumulated via in game activities is enough for one try to randomly get a revive. But if you are spending your real money the amount of tries is limited only by the depth of your wallet.

Hope that helps.

Supply markers and survival markers aren’t easy to collect all the time there should be more ways to get it or lower the prices to even the playing field, hell you cant even duel a person that has a whole team that every character revives each other and they wont die. Make this stuff easier to be obtained it’s ridiculous. And time is of the essence people have jobs and lives to live, not hoping on a wish and a prayer for level field of simple gameplay.

Unfortunately, I am not sure that “fun” is a currency Scopely can use to pay their shareholders…

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Yea I bet.

Welcome to scopely. Keep on surviving

I know right, that’s a shame though. It shouldn’t be like this.

No it shouldn’t. But we’re talking about scopely. They couldn’t care less about what u think.

Yea that’s messed up because I should be to pick whoever I want then if that’s the case

Yea I know.

If u want a fair game Ur in the wrong place.

I see. It’s cool. I’m out.

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run now you can

A whole bunch of revives is not really a good def tho. Pick your favorite decap and mow through them.

You don’t have to, you just can’t get everything immediately. They gave a revive character out for free, just for logging in, a year ago, another one in the league store a while earlier, and made it so that you can turn two old characters into 6* characters with revive abilities this year, one in January and another one a couple of Months ago. These are still available.

That’s how F2P generally works - you acquire resources, and over time, through strategic use of these resources and through events, get into a stronger position.

Supply markers are not that bad, you can sell for example 4* you get from playing world map stages for a decent amount. Takes time though, just like getting survival markers.

Sure you can, And if you can’t having a reviver yourself will not really help.

I remember struggling with those teams during the beginning of the timeout meta, so I do have a lot of sympathy. But they are beatable, how to do this best depends on the exact team the opponent plays. Here are some ideas though:

  • Kill all the revivers before they can revive anyone
  • Use decapitate/crosshairs so that killed enemies can’t be revived
  • Stun, Confuse, Taunt and/or Impair the revivers
  • Let the revivers do their thing before you kill anyone, so the revive does nothing, then kill them before they are ready again

Your opponent will try to build their team to stop you from doing that. It’s how strategy in this game works (or used to when that was the dominant strategy)


You just got a whole bunch of knowledge dropped on you. So instead of listening to the naysayers grind it out they come it just takes time sometime.