Reasonable offers

This offer is reasonable why can’t we have more like this scopely. Cans on there own are 200g I’m happy with this 1. :blush:

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its not… this offer is $5 cost you bit more in coins to buy a cheap offer.

this offer me is 7.99aud it cost me $15aud to buy a $8 offer with coins/

1 can on it’s own is 200coins though. You can get min 4 cans with this offer for less then cost of 2 plus you get the drug kits aswell.

If your on 30 day pass and buy the 330 coins for £4.99 it’s not so bad here. Works out around £3.50 per can for 200 coins Singley. You can get min 4 cans plus drugs in this offer for 395 coins. Seams reasonable enough to me. More reasonable not great lol. Not such a ripoff. Also these offers are around £8 to £10 in our money.

a good offer indeed - just the curveball that u always get 2 from the bag is a bit shameful

I think I bought it 10 times - always 2 from the bag

I know that’s why I always assume the minimum from rng

On the other end of the scale this offer is just a plain rip off there insence stick and prestige points out of view if you scroll to the right. Who would buy this :face_with_raised_eyebrow: if this was in coins for me would be around 2000 coins :scream:. When world and raid cans are 100 each means thay think the other stuff is worth about 1800 :hushed: pritty shocking.

I got 4 cans =(

rub it in why don’t u? lol jk - good for u

Still better value then getting them singley though

Or 6 cans 5x of ea kit is also a better deal coz RNG will always be low on them bags. Tbh.