Reason why power boost is bad


So ap gov is the first place prize for the upcoming SR tourney according to VK. What would normally be a great first place prize now has zero value. Might as well be a Benedict.


Why would you say that? I d go for him. I don’t have him and I gotta catch them all…


Well… I just spent a whole weekend watching him get killed by one shiva regular attack.


I believe there will be a wide range of players who will still find him or his bound 8% weapon useful. His role is unique because of his bound weapon. Used correctly it can have great outcomes for example in a team lead by legendary Barker on def.


No point setting my alarm clock every two hours for ascension fodder.


I think some collector will want him cause he look cool


True, when he first came out, some of our faction members commented on how bad ass the daughter looked in the design.


personally I would love this governer. his design is super cool and I do like the bonus so bound weapon. will he ever make it into my front line team? prob not but i still will play hard to get either him or morgan since he looks cool as well. I’m open to more prizes like this in the future. better then 10k tokens at least because then you can choose if you want to keep him for what he is or use a ascendance fodder just like whatever you got from tokens. personally was very sick of tokens so physical prizes a are big one up from me


The Green Morgan (Tutorgan) can work with Legend Barker leader on def if Tutorgan holds a HUGE bonus to AP when attacking :slight_smile: