Really scopley. Good job


3 year token pull, 2 romanovs, 2 governors and a koa. Good job making sure we don’t pull dubs.
It can’t be that hard really.


I wouldn’t be complaining if I pulled 2 Romanovs.


You’ve had better luck than most, count yourself lucky


2 romanovs and a koa? You’re complaining?


Depot the dups, then nothing to complain about. SD points are sweet :roll_eyes::rofl:


Or just use em for a different ascendance, doubt he got all 6 star versions :joy:


Ive pulled 3 ezekiels and 2 garretts. The first garrett was good because it wasnt a dupe for me, but other wise nothing but dupes


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Wtf that’s good pulls compared to everyone else


I’ve seen three govs :confused: in a row…

It could be worse.


I’ll take four Jessie’s if it meant getting a koa.


You know what a good job is, they do not try to help or give information about the bug that has many players without being able to enter their own account hahaha


3 zekes 5star for me so I’ve 4 now just one more pull to make a zeke team.


in my 3 pulls I also got 2 Romanovs. tbh he’s a real BEAST :ok_hand:t3:


2 spencers 2 zekes and kal. I’d take Romanov


So far I pulled Romanov, Alpha, Spencer, Andrea and Garrett


That’s not bad mate,
I got;


Its about them announcing that they fixed the dub pulls and clearly they haven’t. I get it i was luckier then most. Don’t announce you fixed it and you get dubs. I wouldn’t be complaining if it weren’t 3 year tokens. It’s bullcrap. Pulling dubs in same token wheel. Get it right scope.


You got a Koa you got 2 romov stop complaining there’s ppl who get f2p toons. Plus there’s other issues that’s important like hmmm oh yeah Error CONTENT 2… end rant


You don’t get it. It’s the hypocrisy. Don’t say you did something (Scopley) and you actually didn’t.