Really scopely...!

C’mon this week battle pass challenge ,collect 550 torches … since when we can get that many torches in a week time frame ??? It’s too much I think and make me think that things will get even more stiff to complete in the future week challenges.
The other one is use 12 world cans…C’mon we are just complaining not too long ago about shortage of world cans and BUM you guys give us a lot of cans finally and bcs that you wanted it back!!! At least give us some thing decent to spend on it!.
My suggestion for both issues is create a road map mission to earn torches , maybe 300 torches split into 3 acts, this way we use energy cans and get torches.


Its a joke like all in this game.
PS : torches will be for sale in the shop very soon.

Event says Free and Premium rewards so I guess we won’t be able to complete all missions every week :confused:

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What do you think about farming survivors on 25-8 stage from world map to transform them into trainers? I usually spend a huge amount of cans in every week doing this process in order to stay relevant on LU tournaments, not a big problem tho.


Torches instead of medals should be here
I will say that again: its time for 4 rewards in milestone/rank with so many new items and collections etc Scopely!
@TayTron think about this :confused:


Completely agreed, I do the same but still would be nice to use in something else than regular farming.


For real I think they should of had torches instead of medals for sr milestones

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They have said the torches will be made available and to keep your eyes peeled for information.


They are not in Sr event now :triumph:

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They will be around dont worry


Pay 2 Play, man. Its general idea.

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I literally laughed at collect 4 raid refills. I collected raid refills like two days ago in the supply depot. Hahaha. Now Idk where to collect without spending hahaha.


Maybe finishing 2nd in war?

I’ve been trying to finish 3rd in every war for world energy refills for over a year now. Easier said than done, especially if everyone in your faction is trying to do the same. lol. Good suggestion though.

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Same here with torches, they launched event after lv up started, so I claim then all before…what a waste. I guess people will be hoarding rewards on in box ,bcs we never know when some of ours items will be counted towards challenges like this.


Ty for the extra 75 torches and mystery crates coming our way but what about the 300-400 more needed to complete the milestone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Seems like they hear us or they just realized people are not falling for Trojans horses anymore. Hopefully those mistery box have a fair amount of torches to help us with 550 milestone.

I dout it will or of it does it will have the highest amount of torches with 0.000 percent chance to get meanwhile the lowest amount in it will have 99.999 percent chance so it wont help anyone

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I I defenaly don’t expect to get 550 torches from this but at least some 300 torches from it , I hope so.

By the non existent odds table, I would say 5 day x 15 torches = 75 +5 mystery bags "20 minimum " = 175 at least…not enough unless you hit the Jack pot…