Really... REALLY!?


Yes, another level up!
I have so many toons to ascend, level up and upgrade with all the gear you have given us :grinning:



and tons of food aswell…

then we wake up from the fancy dream :rofl:

Lol. Ikr?

Havent you been buying the food offers $copely so generously gives us every day, that pops up every 5 seconds?


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Same shit, different day :hugs:

Yea right. I got a new one: 2 million food for 21,99€.
And hey you’ll make three or so levels on a T4’ed 5* with that. Thank god they got 8 of those in stock. :rofl:

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Idk if I have the toons, food, or stamina to keep up with these shit events every damn day. It’s like a volunteer job with no pay. :joy:

When I reach level 125, I’m leaving the game for good, and go ahead, ban me for saying the word “leaving.” Hahaha


I think I’m with you there, maybe I’ll use the word ‘break’ instead though :joy:


I have no food and I’ve sold all my spare tier 3 and 4 gear for 4 and 5*s.
Keep 30 of each.
The rest I’m down to next to nothing.
The items like gunpowder down to 100.

I’m out…done…foodless…

No YGL mission either…

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Meanwhile in the $copely office…



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If we’re lucky, the remaining weapon parts is in the solo raid, not solo LU. Aside from that and non-5*s in milestones, yay LU!

VK seem to suggest that we’re getting another run at the weapon maps. Well part 1 at least. Maybe the milestones won’t be necessary after all

I was thinking they’ll do that, since they’ve always given people additional chances at getting required items for any event collection, but I wanted to play it safe and get all the milestones so far. It really hurt me this faction LU because it’s harder to get 250k without objectives.

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I’m as desperate as a CoD buyer at midnight for duct tape so FX.

As for the level up, I wonder if scopely realise not everybody has 392937382 6* to level up for these tournaments.

Maybe I’ll take my unicorn for a ride over the event time scale.