Really need more space


Please this needs to happen soon.

I put off collecting gator due to space/
I sell all new 5*s…can’t even keep for Ascension food.
Won’t buy Eziekel from season store as not enough space.

Please help @JB.Scopely
I know you know about the issue but gives us some hope.
Guarantee it’s cutting into profits as many are put off pulling due to space.


Did you buy the extra slots with gold?



Along time ago.
I’m a collector… somit makes it harder.

I hope no one comes in giving it the “you should only keep what you need”
Players are all different and play for different reasons.

My 4* and 5* collection is precious to me.


There is no reason not to increase the roster cap at all. Even if they charged for it people would be willing to do so at this point because it’s far too small.

I think a little bit of both would be acceptable. Bump it up to 500 min then add on the spots people already paid for and then keep selling space 50 at a time or something to that effect.


I just sold all my unique 3 & 4* toons as I’m sick of only being able to use 7 toons at a time for levelling lol


I depot all threes and fours, and most trainers so I never run out of room.


Had to buy another upgrade just last night. Down to only 2 more upgrades left available. I still have my 3* collection. Hell, I’ll even keep TellTale duplicates.


That has nothing to do with the post


No it’s nithing to do with the topic but I have done something similar before.
I feel your pain.

And it’s crap they should even allow people to be able to buy basic tokens.

Best make a separate thread;


Of course it has to do with the post. I was over roster space so I had to open basic tokens to get my toons from 66 to 70 so I can t4 the toon. I couldn’t take toons from my scav camps because I was over the max.


Could just make a vault to keep collector toons in, a separate roster kinda.


Photo album should be made you can place 1 of each toon in there. Turn 1 of my worthless workshops into 1 no1 has ever needed 3 of them b4 armory there used to be 4 for some reason


+1 and stuff (7 characters)


I know that feeling I once spent 1000 coins on HP replenishs while my phone was in my pocket


I just bought +10 for 550 coins… shit


Yah the price gets ridiculous for roster spots


Just realize that the game isnt for collecting and only keep what important!
1 stars = garbage
2 stars = garbage
3 stars = garbage
4 stars = garbage
Non-acendable 5 stars = garbage

this should free up alot of space in your roster



And the future???


They could just do away with the stupid roster cap because it’s only there to try and squeeze even more money from us.

I don’t but some people like to collect toons. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to. The cap is dumb, serves no purpose, and it needs to go especially with them giving out so many 2-4 star trainers as rewards.


I had to lose a lot of my rarer 3 & 4* for space. I keep all non dupe 5* as you never know what’s gonna make the next list. I’ve already missed out on an ascendable as I used said toon as fodder.

I think trainers should stack. I have 38 bennies which also hurts the space.