Really hope for hordes event! Cancel solo raids. It's dumb

I really hope they bring horde event back to the calendar. Rather cancel solo raid because it’s useless and the rewards also. Many people stocked up on horde refills and no one was informed that hordes is being replaced. Fix this Scopely!


Hordes is useless,very few players enjoy it. I’d take a solo raid over that any day


I love hordes, so dont talk for others just yourself.
Me personally only like war lvl up and hordes.
So all leaugebuilding points is not for me


I only like war :man_shrugging:

LU should help me get ready for war but no toons that will so no need to level up

Raids used to help me prepare but now many seem to drop def so it is basically useless

SR just auto. It is time consuming and boring

Hordes at least gives a little strategy so it is somewhat fun

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Tbf there was a poll done a couple of months ago as to the top 3 favourite game modes answered by a large number of people. Hordes came 3rd after CRW and Blitz/AOW War. Survival Road, Raid Tourneys, Onslaught and Level up all came lower.

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I only liked hordes for the stashes.

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I like hordes u like raid…

why not have both


War Weekend
It was removed, mostly due to Labor Day ahead, and based on popular feedback upon those big holidays, a break is offered. The rationale is also reinforced with recent wars that were plentiful (ToC + CRWs)
From @GR.Scopely himself

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Walker Hordes
In light of last time around’s crashes, we do not feel yet 100% confident to run it smoothly and are doing further checks on the feature before it makes a come back. The fix is in place for it, and our QA department would like to run additional tests to make sure the next time we run this event, it does run smoothly. It will be back.

And the one for walker hordes

Instead of making false news.There was a pool made by someone here on the forums.Dont remember who but alot of peopol voted.It came down to 50% liked it and 50% dint like it…so not just a few :wink:

Walker Hordes suck if you can’t get decent cards you won’t be able to make progress against OP def teams.

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speaking for myself, i only like war, endurance mode arena, and territory events. pls bring back those 5* territory events!

hordes is waste of time

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Thats the idea of a game

idea of the game must be fun

I used to criticise Hordes a lot when it was first released but I’ve learnt to enjoy events that aren’t either level up or faction level up.

Yes it may not be the most stimulating event but it’s something different.

Haven’t played it yet, they’d just give us one hordes event so that we can burn whatever H cans we have or if they won’t just replace those with raid cans 1H can= 4 raid cans hehe

Btw gotta admit SR is my least favourite event. So boring and time consuming boooo

People actually using polls of 163 total votes as a reason that players enjoy a game mode?

Hordes is okay if you get good cards. If you don’t, it’s time consuming as hell as you have to wait 7 minutes to wait for a new match if the defense is too hard. Certainly nowhere near my favorite.


I like hordes but I don’t want to have to reach 100k for balloons. Kinda glad it was taken off