Really come on!

Only 5k nuggets for 1st I’m raid😑really.


Yes it is ridiculous.
A year ago u would get a 5star toon and now u get 5000 nuggets, with that u can pull a canteen or a gps and u will prolly get the item u already have and not the one u need.

Why scopely why? Why take all the fun out of all the events?

Raid rewards suck and it’s boring to fight the same teams over and over again.
Level up rewards suck and with the speed they keep coming they became boring too, i remember i was looking forward to it.
War, the fighting is still fun for me even with the same teams over and over again but after a weekend of warring getting a duplicate 5star and not a single aden out of more then 100 war boxes i think i could have spent my time on better things.


These tournaments have become jokes