Really? Another reset!


Reset our 6* now resetting gold mods. This is exactly what we the players have been asking scopely, thank you so much! We are so pleased to have everything we have played and paid for over the last 2 years reset. Please give us another reset in like 2 years with SS-class and diamond mods. :face_vomiting: waiting for the weapon reset now… :angry:


All we need is accounts resets


I think ss class would be a particularly poor name idea…


Well JB said they are scopleys “shinys” so double s can be their super shinys in case these ones arnt shiny enough

I don’t think you understand the problem here

No that would be perfect. They will do same thing towards our roasters as what you implying.

This aint much of a reset… nothing in this game is big reset go play star wars and you know what a real reset is.

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5 star weapons coming


Im actually really happy for platinum mods. Good stuff :v:

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I’ll hold onto my scraps till they release diamond mods

I’m ok with this apart from the Disarm mod, many peeps worked hard to get there disarm toons, now they could be made irrelevant


I can imagine it now 8 completely maxed gold at level 15 mods to get one platinum mod at level 1

Spenders gotta spend

new mod set is nothing what so ever check meta report on here plus spy on me :wink:

Varnish and engine grease been sitting there for a ■■■■■■■ minute.

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5* weapons are around the corner I bet.

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Thus, why it is an appropriate statement.

Expect a vk check by me. As soon as I get home.


Well it’s like we worked hard to make stun guns and disarm made it irrelevant so don’t see as a terrible move, seems natural progression…
Disclaimer: I have stun gun on Ajax finally lol and want a disarm resist mod

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