Real slap on the face of f2p player base by scopley

pictures tells the story


At least you got most of the 7* collectibles. Sucks if you are a collector for zhu though


Watch the f2p experience on youtube it’s pretty bad watching couldn’t imagine being f2p

You got:
1k cakes
1k keys
700 Ice creams
200 torches
All arena tickets

But only because you don’t collect a trash toon is a “real slap on the f2p player base” ok.


To f2p it’s not a crap toon you should see how bad there rosters are

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30 day of grinding and investment… having previous events to Sergio where if you grinded you recieved not only rewards throughout, but at the end, a toon like Michelle or Red Decap Sandy.

This is the 2nd event in a row where customers have been sort changed. There is no going away from that


Agree I am free to play and I didn’t get all collectibles from any of them but I did get all the torches


If you didn’t get all the collectibles I would agree and enforce your frustration (if you have), but look all those guys who completed over 90% of the stash with very valuable itens but they still complaining for not getting Zhu :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

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Its a f2p event for a f2p toon, its understandable to be upset over not getting said toon from event after wasting time and energy. I didny bother cuz i knew the event was bs but sucks for those who actually invested.


I’m f2p and my roster is cool. Players who have a bad roster at this point of game or they are new comers or bad players because a lot of veteran with at least 1 year+ playing already got decent opportunities.

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Gonna completely disagree with you

Congratulations on pulling both of the Horde Cans! I was really wrapped when I got mine, oh wait sorry there is no event to use them in, damn.

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As a ftp, I have my fair share of good/decent toons (Aiko, Raulito, Konrad, Disarm Michonne) but yeah, my roster is pretty garbo

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Completely false. You can grind for events and know lots about the game to be considered a “good player”, but if RNG isn’t on your side that isn’t your fault and shouldn’t be considered “bad” for that.


Did everyone forget the beach balls, seashells, and stuff? Lol this is like the 4th event


I see ppl forgot mich heads… they been doing this for awiiiillllleee now “f2p” events with unclear conditions with no effort to explain further.

You had a chance at a Michonne head. Sergio you needed to buy at least 2 crates and Zhu spend about 8k coins. That’s not even carrot-dangling for a lucky 1%

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Same as the chihuahua plush guarenteed pull became extended because the rng of buckets was so bad for many players

Overall same format, forcing the player to invest time, energy and maybe money for a “free” event with little to no insight on said event.

Look at the perspective that it was gated.

Your logic is one sided and your opinion.

Pointless bickering of trying to persuade people it’s ok isn’t helpful.

Your experience is your own(bucket).

You apparently got lucky enough or spent money.
Me personally I didn’t get him but every single achievement and milestone was completed. And it was mathematically impossible to obtain him unless
you held territory for long periods or multiple territories.
Paid for beads.
Was lucky on a pull from the extra yin’s.

Even if you got the beads for the last events completed tasks it wasn’t enough.