Real Promises for the future

Actual scopely roadmap:

  1. Promise to acknowledge player concerns
  2. make up a new promo system that lowers the (already horrible) odds of pulling
  3. Release new promo
  4. Promise the acknowledgement is coming soon
  5. Repeat step 3
  6. Enlist players to give feedback, to be chosen within weeks
  7. Repeat step 5
  8. Repeat promises made in 2017 and never fulfilled
  9. Repeat step 7
  10. Promise 3 legacies in 3 months, with no guarantee they won’t suck. Here is my guarantee - they’ll suck
  11. Release a p2p roadmap
  12. Repeat step 9

Yeah, no thanks


You forgot one step 13 how to nuke a loyal player with a game bug that they dint fix for facebook bugs. Making them start all over again=$$$$

True list. Indeed

Players: we want you to fix your game!
Scopley: here is a roadmap you will have to pay to get an average toon

Logic = 0


Take that team off whoever is making these silly roadmaps built for whales and get them on making og toons acendable, how many employees are there??

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around 400 no idea how many for this game out of the 400

Makes ya wonder where all that money goes…

400 employees working for a company worth 1 billion, maybe they can start expanding and creating more teams, one for bug fixes and another for helping ftp players

They dont need you to get their logic. They need your money. Still dont get it?

They probably have a team of between 3-6 people working on the game. Hopefully it’s a lot more than this.

They making that very easy for me not to spend recently

They also made the gloves and shirts more expensive! Used to be 70 coins for 200 each, now 50 coins for 100 each. Sneaky.

Not cool… @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

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