Real leaks on maggie and hershel?



I saw these two pictures on the net :

Writing is strange, but description is realistic considering the original 5 stars character (even if maggie is really badass).

You thinh they are real ?


It literally says lockdowns name/watermark in the corner, these are what he predicts they will be. :man_facepalming:


Wrong font, so these are not official.


Ok ok, never heard of this lockdown thing so…

I saw the typo was bad, this is why i thought there was something strange with these pictures…

By the way, i love this maggie


I don’t think they count as fake when a member of the community published them here as their predictions.

Would be like someone describing your Commendable Ascendables series as being fake


Very true in the sense of connotation. I should’ve used a more accurate word, since I wasn’t thinking of the connotation that comes with “fake”, I was only meaning to identify that these images are the opposite of real, as in not official scopely material, similar to commendable ascendables. I fixed it with an edit.


The characters are coming, but right now the stats are TBD.


Hope they change Hershel he looks like he sucks and I’ve got 4 of him :pensive:


i think these stats nd skill sucks well u need to review him bcz those are the most powerfull stats and skill for a revive imo


Hershal escalating the violence. I applaud him.





Made my week


Is this a real leak? Confirmed?!?!


I’d pay for this. It would be the ultimate troll.


Yaaaasss! @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely take this to the team and bamboozle us players please, put it as a log in event or the next SC toon


They are already bamboozleing us the whole time mate


The medic part gives it away as fake green Eugene does same bonus hp but is a tank and Rick does 50% the same know as tank. And they both don’t have no 600%


Bruh… Did you even read the thread…?


He is still bamboozled for 9 more turns :confused: smh