Ready for PlayersUnited Yet?

I know this will bring out the trolls but I just have to ask. After recent events where the lies and misleading statements from this company became so obvious, are you ready to support PlayersUnited yet?

New S class toon to be issued every two weeks. Missions that cannot be completed without them. Roadmaps that require spending. Continued instability in basic game play. Communication still terrible (I’m only counting accurate communication). Etc.

If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s a roster reset. Sure, Scopely will throw a shiny toy every once in awhile to try distract us from what is happening. Wake up! Don’t be blind to what is happening here. Stand up and say no, you’ve had enough. Will it do any good? I don’t know, I have less hope every day. But I know doing nothing will not change it. I know alone is less powerful than together. It’s not too late to fight back in language Scopely will understand. If not you, who? If not now, when?



Given that they’ve retreated on their original S-Class intentions and neglected their promise to inform of us doing so, to a plan that takes little care and consideration of the meta and playerbase’s concerns currently. I wouldn’t trust them to ensure my money returned its value.

It’s particularly embarrassing that the game’s forums and council produces better ideas. Even more embarrassing that they aren’t taken on board for a fun, enjoyable and profitable game. A good business keeps it’s customers happy and coming back. Many customers are not coming back, and many more are not happy. You wouldn’t invest in that on NASDAQ.

#PlayersUnited, until Scopely starts working with, and not against, its own customers to make the game we love fun again. Some will spend on a broken game, thousands will spend on fun one. Ensure Scopely knows which one their product currently is.


Totally agreed, we need a new #playersunited waves. Maybe this time it should include no login for 1-7 days


I know I’ve been advocating for better communication from Scopely since this whole PU started but actually now I think I prefer they just stay silent.

I will much rather be left in oblivion than being lied to - and yes @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin that is what I think of you right now.

At least respect your customers that much and stop lying. I think we will all be better off that way :blush:

I won’t ask you for a roadmap on the promises anymore because I don’t think I would be able to trust anything you say to be even close to the truth.

And I think today is a sad day :blush: I actually respect you but I can’t accept being lied to.



This isn’t the first time they have lied. Remember, six stars were not supposed to be directly for sale. I have said this before, and caved, but now no longer. I will never spend another penny on this game. I’ll ride it out until I just stop enjoying it.


I know Ricky but I believed the promises message and thought they had learned a little from past mistakes.

And sorry that I added more words to my post - I hit post before I was done typing :wink:


Not really hateful :blush: I don’t have that trait

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Agree with everything aside from the respecting them part. They lost mine a long time ago. They are dirt.


Scopely has basically come right out and told us to redacted their redacted. They have gone out of their way at this point to confirm that they do indeed hear us and they actually acknowledge that a large portion of the player base is unhappy and has been for a long time. They hear us, they just don’t give a also redacted. They will milk the wallets of the last whales until they dry up on the beach and the rest of us can go oh yeah let me redact this too ourselves. So what if you buy the SC and daily token packages, that’s nowhere near enough money to influence Scopely. If you’re not spending 1k plus a month you are insignificant to them, might as well be ftp. They know how to make promises, and know exactly what promises to make, but they will never keep them. Even if people stop spending they will simply let this game die rather than change their ways.

Looks like someone doesn’t want to hear the truth…

Was wrong, it was foul language that this post was redacted for


It’s all. Gucci til scopes decide to make pu censored tbh
I feel like doe I’m in a picket line
And you abousulutely don’t cross the damm picket line (or your gonna be maimed burned lose your family ability to live etc)
If you join pu… You get branded as bad as scopley
But if you don’t join or also not helping
Because your standing by get what I mean
So I have to ask do I cross that line or nah
And we’ll as my towns history goes cross that line and your fucked

Nah I don’t spend… But picket lines are risky man the forums are bigger than the gap between spender and freebie were divided but we want the same thing but not many like the idea of working woth each other which scopes got in top of

I think each player should do exactly what that player wants to.

But do it with an open mind and not because you think Scopely will change because they won’t. What you see is what you get and if you want to pay for it - go for it :blush:

You won’t see any hate from me because of that :blush:

I made my decision when PU was launched and ever since I have stayed on that path because I wanted to see change before opening my wallet again. Now I can’t see those changes ever coming so I won’t spend again. That’s my choice but it doesn’t mean I don’t respect yours :blush:

As long as we agree on the premises


Idk why but I read that like a poem lol

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The spenders can’t stop. This is their life. They have to be best at pixels. Nothing else matters.


Spooky ghost. Very Charles Dickens lol

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Yes and no. Plenty have stopped. More than most actually. The number of players spending for S Class is drastically lower than players buying promos from before.


Yeah I’m reaching the point where I think it isn’t possible - they seem to have their very own parallel universe going on


I’ll never give them anything again, they need to learn to respect their customer.



Doesn’t matter how deep you try to bury it, the truth will always prevail!

Anyone with at least a braincell can see where the game is heading into sadly, 2 S-Class per month… shoulf have been 2 legacies or more per month and a S-Class release every 3 months, hope more people will be #united