Read a lot of threads, still confused as to where to get those 2 Green Leaves from

Maybe I’m being totally blind. Any explanation would be very appreciated. Just 2 Green Leaves potentially unlock a lot of golden leaves.

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Paid only. Should cost 3€ or so.

[ETA] see here for more info: Harvest Festival Offer & Event Progress Issues

It’s an alright deal, it would seem. If it weren’t for the anniversary event and Jonesgate, I would have invested that.

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You should have an offer for them but it didnt showed up for me too so im Tagging @GR.Scopely for a possible answer :slight_smile:

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Cheers for the response

Same here, never saw any offers for those 2 leaves.

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There was a £20 offer for two leaves and a £3 offer for 400 (also a £10 offer for more than 400). The 400 (and other quantities) green leaves should have been green maple leaves and so the offer was pulled. Compensation is being distributed so I expect the offers will reappear, correctly priced, after that. See the link @DrJank posted above.

For the offers that are missing please force close your app then Clear cache and data and this will solve your issue.

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Did that. Still no offers for me.

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Same here. No offers ever for leaves

You forgot to add: “then uninstall … because we dont care about non-p2w”

Already did that. I see all other offers but not this one

Same, just cleared cache, waited ages for it to download and still no green leaves

Same. No offers

Yeah guys just force close your app, then clear your cache and cookies, then get your hoola hoops out, then jump through a bunch of them all so that you can pull out your credit card and buy your 42 pixels worth of junk so that you can then turn that junk into a piece of tier 2 gear that we can already get once a week in the gear roadmap.

Or you could have, I dont know, and this is a stretch so bear with me…( Just made it free and grindable to get some gear that you’ve been cuck holding from us )

You’d make more money in the end if you would just take care of your player base and listen to them for a change. Like this Solo Raid coming up…2400 point milestone for 1 pull on the worthless 5 star wheel and enough season tokens to maybe buy 3 gold mod boxes. Why don’t you just stop tickling our balls and give us 4 star character tokens already, please.

Did not solve it for me

Why the f@ck does everything in this game cost money. Greedy

Also never recieved this offer

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