Reach diamond 1 mission

So i was in diamond 1 and did not promote and demote. New streech started, new missions too but reach diamond 1 mission is not complete. So what now? Should I drop and promote again? What if ill promote to d2? D2 mission will be complete but d1 still not?
Kinda stupid :thinking:

I got promoted to D2 and received D1 and D2 rewards


Originally we were told D1 mission would only be complete when you actually promote to D1 so they sent all diamond players 2 platinum mods as compensation. But when I promoted to D2 I was awarded completion for D1 and D2.


Ok so I will try promote to d2 and see :+1:

Same here got promoted and got both.

Same here. I “reached” d1 and haven’t received the rewards

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