Re Occuring Events

So there’s another big game that implements this sort of feature, not gonna name the game as I don’t want banned lol.

So basically the first one that comes to mind is red plastic pieces, so that event / Collection comes back into circulation in a few months, and players that didn’t finish can essentially pick up where they left off? Could be done with a few of them, rather than us have them sitting in inventory doing nothing.
It happens with Roadmaps, so why it Limited time collections?

It’s a great feature because then if you know it’s gonna be back in a few months or whatever, you don’t have to spend 20 hours farming and falling short.

Edit : Could be good for new players that may have missed it also.

Just another idea. Thanks for reading :blush:

Wait – why would you get banned for mentioning a game?


I don’t know, maybe for promoting it :see_no_evil:

Only issue is events are never duplicated even the Christmas events have been different.

Some road maps (Oceanside) keeep reappearing but over the years there have been many unique ones.

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They accually did this with the walkie and school bag “parts” where you got them in raids and could turn them in for a walkie or a school bag. The second time they ran it if you had left overs it carried over to that one.


Exactly my point, would be nice to have them re appear from time to time

I would be super happy to see the weapon box come back, I think I was 1500 short for my first pull. I would have been happy with any weapon too not just the stun gun

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Same here man. I was a wee bit farther away than that, deffo a feature that would go down well :grimacing:

Yep I remember.
Should deffo be a thing. Seeing so many different event pieces saddens me.


Yeah, they could definitely reuse some of the art for different stuff. Rotate out some events so they happen monthly or bi-monthly or something. Or make all these items drops in the radio roadmaps and then add museum collections where you can trade them in as many times as you like for recurring rewards.

For example, for every 1000 barbed wire that drops from a bronze radio map, I get 1 elite character pull token.


When they came back did they reset amount you could claim? I can’t remember if I was able to claim the walkies again or not when it came back but I know I finished it the first tome