Raz tuesdaythread// Broken promise on better communication

I’m really wondering who this team is that @GR.Scopely goes to. Seems like whoever @JB.Scopely talks to, he gets the answers faster than GR.


Maybe them

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burn after reading… so more mission impossible

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Need aarav cards added to daily s roadmaps as well please

So close and no way to get aarav as I have none of current red velvet collection

We’re not entitled to anything? Any company that receives money for services/goods is obliged to give customer service. Anyone who pays to subscribe to Scopely survivors club isn’t entitled to anything?

Scop la magouille

Half baked answers though.

GR leaves his in the oven until they are fully cooked.


Better to have halfbaked then no answer

You kind of took that out of context, but it’s friYaY and I’m not looking to start a squabble.

You’re right SC members are entitled to the rewards laid out as it applies to SC.

Please please consider another transfer window:
For 1a) to allow only individual transfers between 1a not faction
And for 1b and the rest so they can finally recruit (its too long of a time and factions are hurting already, another 3 months is sadly not an option for many)

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