Raz from Mitchell Region - Quality of Life Questions


Hello, everyone. Hope all is well!

  1. Is there any news on opening up the town map a little more?
  2. Is there any news on opening up the story mode a little more?
  3. Who thinks we should be able to deconstruct 100+ weapons again?
  4. Is there a possibility that we can get some information as to why a whetstone is worth 2 million points in this tourney?
  5. What was the reasoning behind having back-to-back solo leveling tourney’s?
  6. How is everyone enjoying a level playing field with the advent of 6*s?
  7. Will there ever be an option to turn off offers?
  8. Will walkie talkies like the silver, bronze one’s ever be worth something? Does anyone even farm these stages?
  9. Will Character-Specific weapons ever be fixed? As it stands, the Armory doesn’t take too kindly to these upgrades and I was wondering when I’d actually be able to give them the upgrades I want?

I have been a faithful player for some time now, but these EXHORBITANT offers are really an eyesore. However, I do not mind the increased chances at more 5*s. I have so many now that I don’t know what to do with. Hah!

Finally, any thoughts on helping me with my team? I just got Tyreese and I want to know who should he replace…?


My vote is Hershel, but others may disagree.


Attack team? Replace Jesus since you may find yourself healing more than reviving on a setup like that, depending on other’s defense teams. Some prefer higher attack over defense/HP in their defense teams, so I would not switch Jesus out in this case.

Defense team? Replace Hershel since I’ve been told he doesn’t work his best while defending, but I don’t know many players in my region who has him.


I was assuming defense. I’ve never had a problem killing him off personally. I really thought he would be tankier than he is, even before the power creep (spike?).


Definitely weapon limits are the most boring thing this game has, beside constant farming, and those two are bonded, 100 limit should not exist, if 1000 is a must for game to work smoothly. Sell option should have multiselect option too, it was asked for a year and it is constantly swept down by other stuff (like lets make 6*s stronger, players want that)


I would say Herschel as Jesus revive will benefit and Tripp heals the team nicely whilst Hersh just sits there looking pretty…


Yes!!! Now that I think of it, an extra nice feature would be to add in a number input selection when attempting to sell items. For example, if I want to sell 1000 bottles, I shouldn’t have to wait 15 minutes with my finger held down. I should be able to input 1000 as a quantity. Come on. That’s just a waste of my life really.


Selling 1* and 2* weapons in SD needs an update