Raulito..... Joke?

What do you guys think about Raulito? You think it is normal to be nearly dead turn 2? You think this character should really exists? I think we should burn him and erase him from TWD road to survival’s story. If Doc Brown was my friend i would take the Doloreane and go go the past erase Raulito with a great pleasure. this game is going worst and worst when we see a character like Raulito. Think i will stop this f…g game.


They might change from S-Class to something else soon as these toons are op for S-Class starters

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He’s much to OP

If he isn’t directly affecting u like, if you’re not facing him often like negan,wayland, elle etc…who cares honestly.


No hes fine. I just need another 4k bullets

Not to mention that his 2nd roadmap is basically a hilariously exagerrated fapfic, nothing else.

Raulito class S , turn two all my team is nearly dead. 600 bleed each turn is really too cheated

Bleed resist mods work on the lead skill bleed so stock up on good ones

if ur consistently having trouble with raulito, it means u arent trying enough or ur roster level isnt meant to win againts s class.
the true test of how powerul raulito is is versus other s class. with the buffed HP of s class, raulito takes forever to kill enemies. because u always get at least a turn to act, u can simply recover the effects. or kill him faster. he has never been an issue for me in my p2w account.

in my f2p region, i only have a christa at tier 2. i get decimated by raulito and any other tiered s class teams. its no problem, i dont cry and feel that i should be given a boost or the enemy should be nerfed. i just compete with enemies of my own level…i get the wins and losses that i deserve, based on how i choose to grind and spend for that account. its still fun, i compete versus other f2p.

if u dont have even one recover toon in ur roster, then dont feel entitled to beat the guy who spent to get s class teams and other toons and probably also grinded more to get other suporting rosters, including recover toons and all other game mechanic toons inside his toolbox

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Wanna give me 10k so I can burn your money to increase my roster so I do not quit?


Are there toons which have recover bleed for all as an option in the first round?

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Nope not on first turn


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Funny how people rage about raulito when there is S class pete out there, who is in my honest opinion much more op.

then s-class Raulito
pete die easy with supersmash and controll
raulito give 2100 bleed attack in 2t or with a lacerator company 4200

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he is bad, tbh. priya more deadly as lead than him.

If i cant beat it knowingly i wont hit it.

I still remember Stunna advocated for Spending Str#ke in some thread couple of days ago hoping for other whales to limit their spending on rts while he himself…well you know! :laughing:

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thing is he is a crap whale has all the toons but cant use them properly, a slow attacker and mediocre scorer

Lmao people using this guy on defense? Or is the OP talking about trying to defend him? This post is all over the place.

Met such team during war (Raulito, 2 Zacharys, Stevens and S-Class Pete), carefully took it out. It was hard, but possible.