Raulito better be the real reward of this Typhoon event

Zhu is a joke, Raulito is something I’d be willing to work for, as he’s actually a GOOD TOON, Scopely y’all better say sike on Zhu being the Typhoon event’s big reward, y’all better reveal that it’s really this fella Raulito.

Okay thanks.


Stop hoping stuff, he’s an overpowered S-Class the real reward there is for those who uninstall


If you repeat it enough it might work

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let a man dream


“Good toon”… more like Op AF


Would gain them a lot of good will… but they only care about money.


This game went from survival setting to some magical fantasy setting. New character is a Lich that with his mere presence slays armies lmao. #rework that lead skill


Terrible idea. Everyone having Christa/James is annoying enough, and Raulito is even more stupid. It’s 1800 flat damage to everyone just from the leader skill! The only good thing about him is that few people will have him.

Keep on surviving.
I mean keep on dreaming.

Tons of folk will have him when it goes live in premier give or take a day or two, this is the bait that tempts most, Zach Negan with Payback Elle Doc Stevens etc mass spending happened with these and Raulito is in that same must have category for the elite, games dead.


Crosshairs - when an enemy is under crosshairs and dies from a status effect (bleed) that enemy will be decapitated. They just introduced a new skill that can make any status effect toon a decap right after releasing an op lacerator without even a heads up, wasnt there something about risking changing the meta? Lol

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I just had to open this thread up for a giggle.

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