Rate yourself! Or other people


I see you clicked on my thread, so let’s play a game.

The rules are simple: no narcissism/self-bias, no name-calling, and no hijacking the thread

Lemme go first:

I am a boring person in real life
I try to have fun on the forums, since I’m not having any in the game.
I try to be as reasonable at the same time.
I give others the same respect I want to be given in return.
I read even the longest posts word to word before I reply.
I tried to bait you guys with a thread I made not too long ago but it got deleted in 5 minutes.

Overall: I give myself a 7/10


I’m conservatively a 12


Im bipolar on these forums depending on the news of the day coming from scopely…

Try not to get too negative… but one cam only take so much…

I’m similar on here as I am in real life… at least I think so…

I often choose not to reply and typing a reply cause I realize it isn’t worth the effort… although I already expended said effort…

I’d give myself a 8 of 10.


I’m bipolar naturally, so I’ll give myself a 5/10.

Then a 7/10.

Then a 3/10.


I’m pretty fuckin’ fabulous.
Hot wife.
Six awesome kids.
Music career.
And very nice. 10/10


Pretty sure even YOU don’t want to be you, hence the thread asking for you to be banned. Not that they can. But it’s nice to dream anyway…


Yeah I broke him last night.


Are you saying your the real ri8?


R18-C4G3, I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to create alternate accounts for the purpose of evading a ban on your main account


Should have been 40/10 cause there’s so many :wink:


I play video games too much
I am a sport guy
Sometimes i watch semale porn even tho i dont like it
I do my best for my faction mates because when you dont do you job people die
Im russian and i like vodka



Y jus y
Im umm let see…
Nd I.
I win.