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Poll #2 on one of the toons in my roster, I will being doing these from now on and I will accept all the hate you guys give and love, cause personally I don’t care. Love you all will stop this one around 50 votes as well :slight_smile:

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Clementine - Bad 53% 58 Votes

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Again she’s somewhere in the middle. If you have a ranged defence team she gives you similar utility to Shiva on a melee team, substituting defence down for stun (less toons are modded vs. Defence down), highly underrated rush ability, but with self healing. All gold HP mods, a Miraboobs lead and a plus 35% HP weapon and she can be rocking about 5000 HP at tier 4, with an increasing self-heal. Give her a heal on defend and huge AP on defend gun and she can be your main healer without using a rush to do it. BUT she’s not going to be useful for most top end players. Again, if she’s one of your only premieres, she’s a decent defensive option, but not if you have a stack of them. She and Clem do synergise well.

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And then you add the 80% increase heal weapon and u time people out lol

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Wasn’t my choice :frowning:

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See that’s what I did, but everyone keeps saying to put an Impair on her, I still get defends in war and honestly don’t know what they’re talking about lol. She doesn’t die

I know. That’s for all the ones who voted no on that poll. Clem remembers and she never forgets. They all deserve what’s coming to them. :wink:

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And we are up to 30 votes, Sophia is bad by a small margin so far, let’s see if that lasts

She’s good defense down and confuse is very interesting and if I had her I’d definitely use her

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She’s a great toon.

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I’ve never had an issue killing her… nothing special

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I’m pretty sure she’s more of a offense toon


And the polls are closed. It seems my roster is bad :wink:

Rate <character with no revive or human shield>

Community: BAD

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