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Even if she was the worst toon in the game she’s still the best toon in the game. Because shes…

CLEM!!! :grin:


Clem FTW! Just got her a week ago.

She’s had the best zombie survival story IMO.

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Looking like Clem is good so far, it’s halftime everyone talk about your day. We’ll be back with the voting soooonn

On paper looks good but I’ve just not found a click with her that matches the paper exercise.

Top level play

  • Yet to find a meaningful use for her offense or defense.

Mid level play

  • On offense, can provide significant control support during battle. Slows the battle, but keeps you killing.
  • On defense, not a meaningful improvement over than any other character.

I got her in single pull :heart_eyes:

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If there was an ‘ok’ selection I’d have picked that. She isn’t bad in the sense or yellow Morgan, but isn’t good in the sense of other premiers.

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Hot garbage!! She sucks!! Like you!!!

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The bound stun-gun on her 6* is very nice if you’ve had bad luck with Earl - especially when combined with taunt. If you look at her Rush she’s basically green Eugene with more defence, self-healing and a stun-gun. Mod her up for defence and HP and vitality can be useful, combine with Blue Sophia carrying Michonne’s Binding G-86 or another heal gun and remove the need to carry a healer if you don’t have a great one on your roster. As Wanderer said though, at the top end, she’s not going to make your team. Essentially if she’s your lucky pull, you are likely not to be disappointed unless you already have loads of stun-guns. If you have tons of premieres/ special weapons, she doesn’t stand out from the pack. But also, it is Clem.

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At 51 votes I shall end the poll so we have a clear winner and this doesn’t drag on

Ily to.

Where’s the ok/meh option?

Need opinions, not non opinions. If you said ok, how would that help me at all

Poll is closed, you non educated people voted Clementine as bad, come see another poll toon review coming in like 5 minutes to a forum next to you

Not my fault you don’t know how to word a poll

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Yeah yw :+1:

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With 58 total respondants, I’m certain the uncertainty covers the spread here.

As such the option not provided, Meh/OK wins!


Nope. Good or bad :slight_smile:

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