Rate the new threat event!

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Damn it crushed :frowning:


A New Threat, stand alone, 3 out of 5.

Lucille Tokens, 1 out of 5.


40 days event and almost no lucille tokens outside of the maps. That kinda says it all. The only redeemable part about this event should be Dwight. All in all I can say it was a borefest, for me at least.


Pretty terrible.

The only interesting thing was that Free weapon.

And those weapon crates were alright at a first glance.
Then i realized I’m not getting any of those weapon crates.


Decent weapon and toon as a freebie isn’t bad. Zero energy roadmap and the weapon crate was a disaster, lucille token wheel another RNG horror show. Feels kinda pointless dragging it out so long really.


Rated as 1 Star for adding collection items to ridiculous milestones. Also for ignoring faction assault feedback, and feedback in general from numerous sources concerning things like Red pieces etc.

I remember events like helmet tokens, choose your side, and can’t recall where we earned Tripp, as being fun and if I worked hard enough, as a new player, I could still earn a useful, solid, not OP toon, by logging on participating and grinding.

This event boils down to less than veiled greed, I used to give scopely benefit of doubt, but I can not defend you after this event. Your rampant greed is killing the game.


too early to vote, so far I would say…four star.
However, if they don’t give out enough vests, then it will become a one star :slight_smile:


Only thing fun about this event was the story with the kids and Lucille Patrol. Other than that I give this event 3/5. Not too bad, not too good.


Absolute shit event. Hardy any oppertunities to acquire lucille tokens outside the roadmaps. Makes no sence we have an event running and only a roadmap for the tokens required to make a pull (which also sbould have been farmable) . With how little we have been given/won, The wheel should have been solely 6* gear.


What ‘toon as a freeby’? There is no free toon. With those milestones they already made it impossible to most players. Obviously pay to win would get them and those that got lucky and just ascended their 5* and are trying to reach the 1.250.000 milestone on BOTH level up. Something that never before have I done and I have been playing for years.


After earning 3 tripods, a school bag, a radio, and a canteen, 2 out of 5 stars, road map after road map, the gun was sweet, but the Dwight milestones being so high for every event, it was a misleading borefest, a week a pull, that blows my mind, not to mention the 3 week 0 energy map, a waste, Scopely is jive ass turkeys.


A truly disappointing event where I was unable to get:

  1. Enough plastic pieces for a pull.
  2. Enough weapon parts for the weapon.
  3. Will likely end up being 100ish short on shirts because I don’t have the resources for these level ups.

I can understand not all of them being obtainable for all players, but at least one of three should have been obtainable for everyone.


I don’t understand…
U seem to have gone from stars to cash…? Is 6 cash bad or good? My brain say 5 stars good 6 cash bad…

Hold on putting it into terms anyone should be able to understand

Maybe I’ve been Scopely’d too many times…


I feel bad for Robert Kirkman who had to put his name on this “event”.


I don’t.


Dunno why


6* cash is basically the fullest joy obtainable but it cannot be so without spending, EZ


He’s happy. Making plenty of money. Doubt he cares otherwise, cashing in while he can. He’s welcome to rebuttal lol


Maybe it’s just a sign that event went so bad it can only have one star…