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I personally think that Scopley has been improving lately, I personally like a wheel with toons in roadmap events and this 5* wheel sucks, and the roadmap events are always the same toons (Rick, Dwight, Negan, Zeke, Michonne) where are all the Dales, Glenns, Carls, Maggies, Carols, Gabriels, Allen, Morgan, and Lydias to name a few characters that Scopley (almost) never uses in the roadmap events. Solid 7 for 2018


Personally I think it’s much too early to form any kind of opinion on how the company is doing for this game this year. I could vote and say it’s 8 and then a month later be like why does this poll not have -10?!


Exactly what has improved? I can only see things that are debatable that can be considered a real improvement when most of the improvement has been from created mistakes by scopely.


Who’s to say there won’t be a 6 month poll? Or a 9 month one?


Given my experience coming back to this game after two different hiatus, mostly the second one, I’ve been liking this game so far with what I’ve managed to achieve. Back then, 5⭐s weren’t something I can get my hands on. But thanks to Ascendance, a few token pulls, and these free ascendable epics, I have a crapton, or so I did a few days ago. Some not the best or my most wanted but enough to put some good teams together and to use for fodder for Mirabiker. Although back then, I was quick to hate this game because of how shit the luck was for any kind of pull. But I rarely look at how far someone like me has come so far not spending a dime on this game. Game’s still not excellent. I do want to see some changes, some small new features. But hey. I won’t be too critical of it.


Too early to rate it. There have been several things that have improved imo and then there are several others where I just say wtf?, why? It’s improving slowly, so slowly, hence I abstain to vote.


Don’t rate it off of this years experience. Rate it off of the lifetime of this game. Rate it vs other mobile games. Rate it vs all games. Rate it vs other companies that sell a service. Rate it against literally anything you pay for in terms of entertainment. They fail at every aspect and seem to revel in that fact. They wear it like a badge of honor that they can fail so bad yet still take your money in one way or another. “But wait I’m f2p!” No you’re not. Downloading and playing makes you a paid statistic they can show investors next quarter.


Off to a good start imo.

I really hope they can keep this forward progressive momentum up, it’s refreshing not coming to the boards to pile on them.


Read my post and then say they are off to a good start… Lol



Some small pleasing steps following an absolute ton of missteps.

Still only 2 out of a possible 10 due to the ongoing lack of communication, the ignorance regarding hacks and “quality of life” changes aimed purely at nickle and diming the player base

For the rating to improve in my eyes I would need to see less broken features chucked out and some real time spent focusing on actual game improvements.

Fix FA. Fix territories. Fix the bloody game then worry about feature creep


They get a big fat zero for not dealing with the cheaters!


They get a zero period. Blitz wars are only 30 minutes long and it STILL takes 10 minutes just to get 1 war energy. War refills dont drop enough and the matchups are a fucking joke.Territories ain’t worth a shit the gear exchange in supply depot is stupd, you can sell a hard hat for lets 50 gear points but if you need a hard hat it costs 150? I think thats what they cost there. Raid tournaments are stupid, if someone raids you then they are shielded that’s bullshit. During a raid tournament NO ONE should be able to be shielded. They spend more time focusing on roadmap missions when they should be opening world missions.


There have been various things that gives me hope that things are improving

  • 6* s as Prizes (Vincent, Maggie and now Rick)
  • they listened to include food when they set up gear depot
  • weapons lock (and one click weapon sale)
  • friendly duels (this is one of my favorites)
  • 3x speed
  • OG Elite gear map popped this weekend (I’m gonna farm the living shit out of this one)
  • calendar is updated reasonably often
  • don’t remember any false announcement in forum recently (I rather have them communicate less than tell us stuff they have to correct afterwards)

Im not saying it’s all unicorns and rainbows.
E.g. CS is still a place you only encourage your worst enemies to go to. And there are certainly more topics that needs to be addressed.

I gave it a 6 which is above average and expresses how all these good things listed above started to appease me from the frustration piled up in the months before.

edit: Downgraded to 3/10. Scopelys idleness towards hackers which was so friggin‘ obvious to everyone this weekend. It’s a shame.


Some things have been improved and the free Maggie was absolutely Great. I give a 6 and when the Wheels and Ascendance list got updated ist would be a Solid 7.




What if it is?


You must be mistaken. This is a fat-squish-corn.


By the way, I say 7 out of 10, if not just 6. Scopely is doing it’s work, yes, but it’s not a worldwide renown. This company still has a lot of work to do, and it’s starting it’s job well.


Sorry but there are long standing issues that need to be addressed to earn anything above a 5. Stack this up against most other developers and you’d see that a 3 for gaming experience is as high a response as they deserve imo. Just because you got treated like trash, and this month you get treated slightly less like trash, doesn’t mean they are good. Your still treated like trash, but you’ve been made to feel better about it.

Needs addressing… Still

Dead/Dying Region strategy
(basically stated FU players and said they won’t invest in a 2 year old issue)

Faction Assault
(still no response here. It’s a flop for anyone with endgame line ups)

Weekly Roadmap for ascension tokens (ascension launch promise, still yet to materialize)


I will repeat “This community has short term memory.” When cycle of super changes start it will be new level of low, moaning will be strong but there will be new month after that of “7/10”. I gave 3 cause of comic stories and artwork.


Lol this poll is hilarious.